Alien Chutney


India’s premiere comedy-rock band that will get you humming to their witty and edgy songs.

Alien Chutney, consists of Vir Das, Sidd Coutto (Tough On Tobacco, Zero), Johan Pais (Tough on Tobacco), Kaizad Gherda and Apurv Isaac. Brainchild of Comedian Vir Das, Alien Chutney is a mix of sophisticated original music with insane lyrics. It is completely arbit and yet entirely relatable, unexpected and yet familiar.

The band’s original compositions are a range of subjects where punch lines meet catchy riffs. Topics such as difference between Delhi and Bombay girls, a blues song about village men, a punk song about funkalicious pakodas, parsi love songs, tributes to Himesh, death metal songs, pop songs, fusion jazz tracks call jezzy jezzy, to (bear with us here) the key to good love with your sabziwalli.

If the songs don't crack you up (and they will), the band's constant interaction with the crowd, and among themselves, definitely will. As an act, Alien Chutney brings hilarity to good ol’ music (we'll have you humming along in five minutes. Hopefully) and above all, it's pure entertainment. Pritam once tried to copy one of Alien Chutney's song but he failed because such awesomeness cannot be duplicated. Unless you're Rajnikanth.

The band performed to sold out shows across several venues in the country including Mumbai's Blue Frog, Delhi's Lodhi Gardens, India Habitat Centre and on television too on Star World's New Year Special 'RIPping the Decade with Vir Das, Alien Chutney thought enough is enough and got down to recording their first live album titled "BOM IN LIVE BAY" Its a high energy, comedy experience with strong musical chops. In a country with many comedians and many bands, this is something that stands out. As Bob Marley once said "IT'S ALIEN AND IT'S STILL CHUTNEY!" (He might have been a little high when he said it, but hey.)

In summation, Alien Chutney, while awesome on paper, is an evening that needs to be experienced. To get a better taste, check out their songs and pictures! They might be coming to a venue near you so keep 'em panties ready ladies!